Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm going to get a tattoo! :)

I am seriously thinking about getting my mom's family crest and coat of arms tattooed on myself. I've always wanted a tattoo for years but have never known what I wanted. I've always wanted the tattoo(s)to mean something to me,not be something everyone else has or something trendy,and something that I'll be proud to show off and to have years later. I've definatly found it! :)I've always loved my mom's family and will never regret loving them or having them as family-and it has the meaning I want. I wrote 1 of my uncles who has been back to Sweden and met some of the relatives there and asked him for any family info he has,and also asked if he knew about the crest/coat of arms. I want to get a plaque(can't spell this word!) made for my mom so she can hang it on her wall. She's never even seen the family crest and said there never was one on the wall at her familys home. I was saddened by that and though that she deserved one-she loves her family so much! I'm not going to tell John I am going to get it though-he'd probably complain about it,and wouldn't understand why I would want to get a crest/coat of arms done anyway. I just have to decide where I'm going to have both of them done..It'll depend upon their size. My upper arms and upper back possibly between my shoulder blades are possibilites. Then I gotta find out how much it's going to cost.. :/ The crest is on the left,the coat of arms is on the right. Both are cool,and have alot of color. The more color and detail the more they cost. I told my mom about my idea and she actually approved! :) She's generally a really conservative,old fashioned woman but this one she loves!

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