Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's wrong with him????

I seriously don't know what's wrong with him lately. Last night John asked me if my brother was around because he needed a ride today to go get a part or something in Tucson. For some reason he couldn't take his car. Anyway, I told him I don't think my brother would be available because he was helping his best friend move. I told John I could take him into Tucson if he wanted as long as he called me early enough. I mean I don't work until 3 pm you know?? He always used to complain that we didn't spend time together and how much he missed me. I thought that he'd jump at the chance. He told me okay I'll call you..Well..So far no call. I guess he found another way into Tucson...without me of course. I swear to God he doesn't want to be seen in public with me or something. I thought maybe it'd give us the chance to have the morning together and it'd help him out too but obviously he didn't agree. I'll probably find out today if he got a ride into Tucson or maybe he didn't need to go after all? That's what I am hoping is that maybe he didn't need to go anymore for some reason.It's been ages since we went to a movie together-the last one we saw was Ice Age 3(in 3D)when it first came out..we went to the Harkins at like 1030 am and saw it. We used to always go to a Friday or Saturday night movie or even Saturday morning would work but now we don't go anywhere at all. We used to occasionally go to breakfast or catch dinner somewhere but we haven't done that in ages either. He can't be *that* broke! I asked my brother if John seemed a bit weird lately and he said no he seemed pretty normal to him. I figured that I was the one he was being strange with and that just confirmed it. He's been such a prick 3 or 4 times a week..I don't get it. I was talking with him about food one day and somehow one of my favorite meals(meatloaf,veggies and potatoes)came up.I'd been mentioning it and how I liked my mom's version of it and John nastily "What are you,like fuc*ing Irish?". I was stunned into silence. He got pretty nasty one day when I was looking outside at the moon and watching a cloud strangely move and pointed it out to him. He nastily said "Hello,Yes, it's a cloud and they F**ing move..". Again I was stunned..The next day he said something else really awful too that I just can't remember right now.All of this has been like "WoW..Where'd that come from??" He's got so much damn..venom/evilness for me lately.I can't remember what I said one other day not so long ago..It was a slight blonde moment and he said "Oh my God you are so freaking stupid.." I almost died. I really don't know what's wrong with him.He's never been like this before.He actually used to appreciate my slight smarts-and personal opinion. Last night he was pretty pleasant but all we were doing was watching a series called Bones-not much conversation. He asked what I thought of it and I told him it was okay..He also asked if I'd had a rough day at work. I told him I guess so..I really wanted to say No I've had a rough freaking 3 weeks idiot..But decided against it because his mom happened to be there. He kept telling me he loved me last night when he called and when I was at the house with him and said "I love you Heather..I wish you'd set a date.." Whatever...set a date and live with someone who thinks I'm dumb as a rock? I gotta roll...I honestly can't write blogs like this without falling apart. I'm going to see if I can hold it together long enough to get ready for work and survive work tonight.. :(

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